Friday, April 3, 2009

What is Library 2.0 ?

My initial thoughts were quite random and then I found We Know What Library 2.0 Is and Is Not and realized that this post expressed many of the ideas I was having including:

"...the discussion of Library 2.0 has been focused on little things we can do to better serve our users... implementing IM reference and creating a presence on social networks ... we have to be careful to not flood ourselves with new projects until we have a clear understanding of what it is we’re trying to do and where we want to go ... and that means first figuring out what our users want and need...

Library 2.0 is:
constant change and evaluation
not just about technology

...providing our users with access to information. Library 2.0 strives to reach this goal in part through customer-driven services."

I also found What is Library 2.0 interesting. It's also posted on slideshare.

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